About Us

Here in Roscommon on our farm we rear our own Wagyu Cattle. Wagyu are distinctive for their tenderness and flavour. Wagyu beef has good health benefits too; it contains a higher percentage of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are good for you. Wagyu has higher levels of intramuscular fat and more monosaturated fat than any other beef.

Our Wagyu are reared and finished on grass and grain sourced from our local merchant. They are processed in Troy’s Tyrellspass for hotels and restaurants around ireland. We take pride in our products which include steaks, roasts and burgers.

Beades Farms is a family farm passed through four generations. All our Wagyu are traceable from farm to fork. We breed our own stock of wagyu heifers and cows to highly marbled sires to further enhance the unique qualities which make our Wagyu beef popular for its tenderness and flavour.